Sunday, November 16, 2008


I'll have been on medical leave nine weeks Tuesday--plenty of time for writing inspiration to descend. But, alas, very little has. I've started a couple articles, but they've sputtered to a halt. One bright spot in my writing world: Chicken Soup editors are considering one of my pieces in their upcoming book: "Chicken Soup for the Twins' Soul." It'll be my first for them. I'm excited.

I've wondered what brings inspiration on, but I've yet to figure that out. Generally, reading great books gives me a bit of fire and makes me want to write great things. I guess I still don't really see myself as a "writer"--even after years of contributing to The Dallas Morning News and other top newspapers. A songwriter, yes. But not just a writer writer. I have my moments, but the words haven't flowed in a while.

Life has seasons. Maybe my writing season has come and gone. I hope not, but when one door closes, another door opens. I'm confident of that.

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  1. Gayle, congratulations on consideration for Chicken for the Soup. I have several of their books.

    Often the writing muse hits in the wee hours, or when I'm about to fall asleep. Other times, my mind is too busy trying hard to be creative. After 27 yrs. at it, I should be used to the ebb and flow, but it can be frustrating! Hang in there.