Friday, October 10, 2008

This and That

My 401K has taken a significant hit. I checked it again today, and the bleeding continues. In such times of uncertainty, it's comforting to know that my Anchor holds. Whatever today brings, whatever next year brings, I will be OK; my trust is in Christ Jesus.

Gotta renew my driver's license by birthday next week. Normally, I'd do it online and avoid going in, but I need a new pic terribly bad. Really.

Speaking of driver's licenses, Spencer's Mom is in the midst of a teen-learning-to-drive era. Bless her. I promised I'd share a column I wrote on the topic when my daughter was learning to drive. Instead of posting it, however, I found a link to it, 'tis. It remains one of my favorites. It was written a few months following 9/11, thus, the beginning paragraph. Also, this is a Jewish publication, so when I reference "God," it's edited to read: "G-d."

Well, that's it for me. Have a great weekend, y'all. Hug someone you love. The kid is coming for sloppy joes this evening, so I'll be doing some hugging myself.

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